Calendar of WSIS Gender Caucus Events

Panel 9: Critical Voices - Creating Opportunities for Women in the Information Society


Event 9 of 12

When: Thursday 11 December, 1330-1530

Where: Conference Room 7, Hall 4, Palexpo, Geneva


This panel will focus on how the current realities facing women’s participation in the Information Society can be transformed to increase control, access and decision-making by women in all socio-economic categories.



Sarah S. McCue (Practice Manager, Information and Communication Technology for Development, Bureau for Development Policy, UNDP), Kayoko Shibata (Adviser for ICT/Gender, the World Bank), Dr Nancy Hafkin (Knowledge Working), Wiyananda Jayaweera (Director, Division for Communication Development, UNESCO), Pat Faccin (ITU WGGI/WSIS Gender Caucus)

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