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WSIS (Tunis Phase) Prepcom2

The 2nd Prepcom of the Tunis Phase of the WSIS was held from 17-25 February 2005, in Geneva (Switzerland). The main issues on the agenda were financing and Internet Governance. The Gender Caucus made strong statements on both issues, both alone and in conjunction with other Civil Society organisations.


Interventions made by the Gender Caucus at Prepcom 2 (Tunis Phase)

Preliminary Report of the Working Group on Internet Governance submitted to the Preparatory Committee of the World Summit on the Information Society Geneva, 21 February 2005

Executive Summary


The Working Group on Internet Governance (WGIG) held its first two meetings in Geneva in November 2004 and February 2005. It decided on a preliminary draft structure for its report, identified public policy issues and set out a time frame for its work. The WGIG also moved closer to a common understanding of a working definition on Internet governance. Two more meetings are planned to take place in April and June. The work leading up to these meetings will be devoted to assessing the adequacy of current Internet governance arrange­ments measured against the principles set out in the documents adopted at the first phase of the World Summit on the Information Society in Geneva in 2003. The final meeting will focus on developing “proposals for action, as appropriate, on the Governance of the Internet”, as called for by the Geneva documents. The work of the WGIG will continue to be open, transparent and inclusive, allowing for on-line comments and aiming to make best possible use of modern information and communica­tion technologies in general and the Internet in particular. All meetings are held in conjunction with consultations open to all stakeholders. More Info... 

Gender Caucus Position on Financing Mechanisms DAWN, AMARC Africa, IT for Change WSIS-II/PC-2 February 16-25, 2005

What we believe is NOT conducive to Gender Equal Outcomes in the Current Language /Discussion


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Statement by the Civil Society Internet Governance Caucus, the Gender, Human Rights, Privacy and Media Caucuses on behalf of the Civil Society Content and Themes Group, 23 February 2005, Geneva

1. We commend the Secretary General of the United Nations on the establishment of the Working Group on Internet Governance. We express our support for the WGIG’s multi stakeholder approach, and wish to stress that there is a fundamental difference between multilateral and multi stakeholder processes, and that the Summit documents were explicit in calling for the balanced participation of all stakeholders. Legitimate and successful Internet Governance can only be achieved if all concerned or affected groups have an opportunity to influence the outcome. Gender balanced representation in all aspects of Internet Governance is vital for the process and its outcomes to have legitimacy. More info...

ICT Policy and Gender Issues: Lessons from the past and home work for now

If there is any silver lining around the not-so-happy discussions on women and their access to gains from ICTs, it is in the fact that with respect to policy on ICTs, the story fortunately is almost identical to gender in relation to all other domains. All of us here who believe in women’s equality can take heart in the fact that a new script for engendering policy and engaging in advocacy for women’s rights thankfully need not be written. Read More...

Gender and Agriculture/Rural Development in the Information Society


Announcing Round 2 of GenARDIS


A Small Grants Fund to Address Gender Issues in Information and Communication Technologies for Agricultural and Rural Development in Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific (ACP Countries)

10 grants @ 5,000 Euro

Submission Deadline: 25 February 2005



NEW YORK, 11 November 2004 (Working Group on Internet Governance) --

Secretary-General Kofi Annan announced today the establishment of the Working Group on Internet Governance. The Working Group will prepare the ground for a decision on this issue by the second phase of the World Summit on the Information Society, to be held in Tunis in November 2005. more...

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