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10 - 12 December 2003

Geneva phase of the World Summit on the Information Society.


8 -13 December 2003

Critical Debate and Dialogue Series


Calendar of Gender Caucus Events at WSIS

Distinguished gender equality advocates and scholars from around the world will debate issues of gender equality critical to the development of the Information Society at a forthcoming WSIS Gender Caucus Critical Debate and Dialogue Series.
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15 - 26 September 2003

PrepCom-3 at CICG in Geneva

PrepCom-3 at CICG in Geneva: Matters to be dealt with will include:

  • Accreditation of NGOs, civil society and business sector entities;
  • Adoption of the Rules of Procedures for the Summit;
  • Adoption of the Arrangements for participation in the Summit;
  • Adoption of the Draft Agenda, structure and working arrangements for the Geneva phase of the Summit; and
  • Finalization of the Draft Declaration of Principles and of the Draft Plan of Action.
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2003 WSIS Gender Caucus