GC Position Papers & Briefs

The WSIS Gender Caucus has produced a number of position papers and advocacy briefs since its launch in May 2002.  The Caucus uses a consultative process to receive comments and feedback on these position papers.


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PrepCom-1 of the Tunis phase, Hammamet, Tunisia, 24-26 June 2004

The first meeting of the Preparatory Committee (PrepCom-1) for the Second Phase of WSIS took place in Hammamet (Tunisia) from 24 to 26 June 2004. In accordance with the decision taken during the Geneva phase on the preparations for the Tunis phase, and Para 29 of the Plan of Action, the preparatory meeting reviewed those issues of the Information Society that should form the focus of the Tunis phase of the WSIS and agreed on the structure of the preparatory process for the second phase.


Final Report of the Preparatory Meeting

PrepCom 3 Resumed Session December 2003

Press Release, December 5 2003

Gender equality and women’s rights a critical issue at the World Summit for the Information Society

The voices of gender equality and women’s rights advocates will be heard widely at the World Summit for the Information Society (WSIS). The WSIS Civil Society Bureau has given added strength to gender advocates with the recent release of accepted names of civil society speakers at the General Debates and Roundtables of the WSIS.

Defend Gender Equality Paragraphs in Declaration of Principles & Plan of Action, December 5 2003


The High Level PrepCom 3 Resumed Session is currently in session, debating the 14 November 2003 version of the Declaration of Principles and the Plan of Action. Whilst the Declaration of Principles has most paragraphs adopted, particularly the critical gender equality paragraphs, the entire Plan of Action is in square brackets, which means we run the risk of having the crucial gender equality gains in the Plan of Action, overturned. The call for the defence of all the gender equality paragraphs is imperative.


Global PrepCom3 Resumed Session, Geneva November 10 - 14 2003

Victory for Gender Equality at PrepCom 3, November 14 2003
SubCommittee 2 at the PrepCom 3 Resumed Session voted in favour of gender equality.

Engendering of the Digital Solidarity Agenda, November 13 2003
This lobbying brief calls for the Engendering of the Digital Solidarity Agenda which is currently under discussion in the SubCommittee 2 at PrepCom 3A.

Defending the Gender Equality Paragraph in Declaration of Principles, November 11 2003
This lobbying brief was produced by the Gender Caucus at the PrepCom 3 Resumed Session in Geneva November 2003. It notes that some government delegates proposed the removal of the main paragraph on gender equality in the Declaration of Principles and motivates for the defence of the paragraph.

Global PrepCom3, Geneva September 10-26 2003

Gender Caucus Position on Draft Plan of Action, September 2003
The WSIS GC made a detailed submission which articulates its position on the WSIS Draft Plan of Action at the Third Preparatory Meeting in September 2003. The WSIS GC Position gives detailed input on gender equality and women’s rights perspectives into the Draft Plan of Action.

PrepCom 3 Position Paper Endorsements, November 23 2003
The endorsing organizations for the September 2003 PrepCom 3 Position Paper.

Summary of Gender Caucus PrepCom 3 Position Paper
This document summarises the WSIS GC Position on the Draft Plan of Action submitted at the Third Preparatory Meeting of the WSIS in September 2003. The Spanish and English versions are available.

Gender Caucus Statement PrepCom 3, September 2003
The WSIS GC Statement on its Position on the WSIS Draft Action Plan.

Daily advocacy updates from PrepCom3, September 16-26 2003
Daily advocacy updates from PrepCom3 during September 16-26 2003.

Intersessional Meeting, Paris July 15-18 2003

Gender Caucus Statement to Plenary, July 16 2003
The GC statement to plenary at the Intersessional outlined the main recommednations for the integration of women's rights and gender equality into the WSSI Declaration.

Gender Caucus Response to the Declaration of Principles and Action Points, May 31 2003
The contributions to the working drafts of the Declaration of Principles and Action Plan for WSIS by the Gender Caucus.

Global PrepCom2, Geneva February 2003

Gender Caucus Input to PrepCom2, December 6 2002
The Gender Caucus prepared a formal input to the WSIS Declaration and Action Plan which was submitted to the WSIS Secretariat. It outlined the Caucus position on recommended approcahes for including women in decision making levels for preparation for the Summit and identified core issues that needed to be considered if Information Society development was to make a contribution to human development objectives.

Statement to Roundtable #4, February 18 2003
The GC statement to Roundtable #4 in Geneva February 2003.

Global PrepCom1, Geneva July 2002

Geneva Call to Action
This document summarises the main recommendations on approaches to organising the Summit that would facilitate active participation by women at all levels, including at the decision making level. It also includes an invitation for partnership.

WSIS GC Statement to Global PrepCom 1, Geneva, July 2 2002
At the first Global PrepCom, the Caucus prepared a statement summarising its advocacy positions. This was formally communicated to the WSIS Secretariat

Multistakeholder Lobbying, Letter dated June 17 2002
As an indication of the strength of the multistakeholder approach, the Caucus was able to motivate UNIFEM Deputy Director, Joanne Sandler to send a letter of support to the Executive Director WSIS Secretariat. The presentation of the letter was supported by in person lobbying of the Secretariat decision makers to take gender issues and women's rights more seriously in their planning of the December Summit.

African Regional Preparatory Conference Bamako 2002, Mali May 2002

Report of GC Intervention at Regional PrepCom, June 6 2002
Twenty-two organisations responded to UNIFEM's invitation to form a Gender Caucus to make a make a strategic intervention in WSIS. This report provides a summary of the work achieved by that formation group during the Bamako conference and also outlines the resolution to use the formation group as the catalyst for a global Gender Caucus.

WSIS GC Statement at Bamako 2002, June 6 2002
The Gender Caucus made a successful intervention at Bamako 2002 and produced a comprehensive set of recommendations and advocacy positions on gender and ICT issues with a regional focus on Africa. This document has subsequently been used as a foundation for the advocacy positions adopted by many other regional fora and global advocacy gender and ICT networks, including the Expert Group Meeting on ICTs and Women's Empowerment organised by the United Nations Division for the Advancement of Women and the agreed conclusions of the 47th Session of the Commission on the Status of Women. The document also includes a call for the formation of strategic partnerships to take forward and expand the lobbying and advocacy work at a regional level.

Call to Action, May 29 2002
This document presents a call for establishment of strategic partnerships to take forward the advocacy recommendations of the Gender Caucus Bamako 2002 statement.

Key Recommendations Bamako 2002, May 29 2002
This document provides a summary of the key recommendations presented in the Gender Caucus Bamako 2002 statement

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