September 16-18, 2004:Highway Africa Workshop, Grahamstown, South Africa

The WSIS Gender Caucus held a 2-hour workshop on the theme "How can women journalists cover ICT issues?" during the Highway Africa Conference. The workshop theme “How can women journalists cover ICT issues?” was presented through an oral presentation, case studies and discussions around three (3) sub-themes.


Over the two-hour workshop, delegates were taken through the subject matter by assessing the current situation, describing a desired or future scenario and indicating in what ways the GC can assist in achieving that future scenario (i.e. the way forward).




October 2-3 2003, Buenos Aires: Gender & ICTs in Latin America, WSIS & Beyond

The UNESCO Regional Chair Women Science and Technology held a workshop with Latin American colleagues from 7 countries (Argentina, Peru, Venezuela, Bazil, Chile, Uruguay, Colombia ), in Buenos Aires, October 2-3, 2003. This workshop is part of the Working Plan of the Steering Committee; WSIS Gender Caucus, UN.


We will discuss the results of the PC 3 and of an on line consultation we developed in our web site from 14 to 24, July 2003. Our goal is to strategize future actions at the national, regional and international level and strengthen our networks and coordinate the participation of Latin American women in WSIS, Geneva, December 2003.


Final Reports:

Espanol Report

Report on the LAC consultation in Spanish.

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September 13th 2003, Geneva: Effective Lobbying and Advocacy for Change and Gender Equality

More than 30 participants met in Geneva on 13 September 2003 to attend a capacity building workshop on Effective Lobbying. Read more...

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