Electronic Networking

The Electronic Networking Team serves as an internal online networking and communications team for the work of the Gender Caucus (GC).


The overall objective of the electronic networking strategy is to strengthen the electronic networking capability of the WSIS Gender Caucus.


Other objectives include:

  • Providing virtual work spaces for communication and networking among members of the WSIS GC Steering Committee, and all the task teams of the GC, including regional groups;
  • Providing a one-stop virtual center where information about the World Summit on the Information Society, and the WSIS Gender Caucus, its activities and services at global, regional and national levels, can be accessed by registered participants of the wsis-gc listserve and the general public;
  • Providing an electronic delivery channel for multilingual capacity building and advocacy materials such as the flagship Sourcebook on national gender programmes for WSIS;
  • Enhancing the Caucus's registration drive by providing an automated, user friendly online registration facility; enhancing the visibility of the Gender Caucus in cyberspace;
  • Providing an opportunity for focused, hands-on training in the technical aspects of electronic networking for advocacy groups, focusing on increasing the numbers of Southern based women, particularly African women, who have advanced skills and training in relevant disciplines; and
  • Documenting good practice for electronic networking for lobbying and advocacy networks and providing training services; and
  • Providing onsite technical services for multilingual information dissemination during preparatory meetings and the Summit.

Contact the Electronic Networking Team at [email protected] for more information.

2003 WSIS Gender Caucus