Make Your Voice Heard

Make Women Equal Partners in the Information  Society!

Let us hear your voice in support of gender equality and women's rights. Support the WSIS GC Position Paper on the WSIS Declaration and Plan of Action which will be presented at the PrepCom 3 Meetings in Geneva from 15-26 September 2003.

What you can do

Endorse the GC Position Paper! This document will be distributed to government delegations and forms the foundation for our advocacy and lobbying during PrepCom 3. We need your endorsement! Your vote can make the difference.

Why WSIS is important

UN global summits set the framework and direction for nations around the world as they set policy and plan action. The consensus documents that WSIS produces will influence government policy around the world, and affect funding decisions for years to come.

If we are able to include the suggested perspectives and language we can ensure that women around the world are valuable contributors, equal partners and beneficiaries of the Information Society!

2003 WSIS Gender Caucus