National & Regional Programmes

The WSIS Gender Caucus provides support for national and regional preparatory processes for WSIS.  These activities enable gender advocates to be directly involved in influencing the negotiating positions adopted by their governments and also provides an opportunity for sharing information on national and regional level preparations.


What are National Gender Programmes?

  • They are an opportunity for national government commitments to ensure integration of gender perspectives in a substantial way - in our own countries;

  • They act as a vehicle for enabling gender equality advocates to create opportunities for themselves and others;
  • They are the most important and powerful way to influence the process and include gender perspectives in a substantial way in our own countries;
  • They offer effective preparation for international level negotiations through action at national level; and
  • They help to realize the potential of the Information Society at national level.

Partnership with WSIS Gender Caucus on national programmes entails:

  • Sustained Partnerships with national and regional organizers in various countries;
  • Advice in the organization of national and regional level events;
  • Access to a pool of highly qualified and motivated trainers;
  • Training materials on advocacy and lobbying;
  • Announcements of national and regional events on the website and mailing lists;
  • Relevant materials and document templates to aid national organizers in efficient project management;
  • Showcasing the most effective programme plans on the Gender Caucus website
  • Providing an international support network and customized, one-on-one support to national level organizers;
  • Creating a dedicated National Programmes webspace on; and
  • Generating interest from the media, donors and partners.

Current Regional and Sub-regional Capacity Building workshops Calendar:

  • A Sub-regional workshop for Southern Africa was held in Malawi in November 2003;
  • A National workshop was held in India - November 17-18 2003;
  • A Roundtable was held in Serbia and Montenegro - October 17 2003; and
  • A Latin American workshop was held in Buenos Aires, October 2-3, 2003.


The Gender Caucus publishes a web-based and print version of an informative Sourcebook which is a ready-reckoner on organising national level programmes for WSIS and also provides information on preparations in many countries round the world. To download a copy of the Sourcebook click here.


Contact [email protected] for further information.

2003 WSIS Gender Caucus