Research & Documentation

The Research and Documentation Team, headed by Professor Eva Rathgeber is responsible for identifying research which can inform the advocacy positions of the Gender Caucus.  This team is particularly interested in facilitating research collaboration among Northern and Southern based researchers, based at universities and other institutions. 

For information on the WSIS GC grant programme, click here. Contact Eva Rathgeber at [email protected] for more information.

The GC also posts information from time to time on other opportunities from other agencies, groups and organisations. For a list of these, click here.

In 2003, the Caucus carried out research on national level preparations for WSIS 2003 which is presented in the Sourcebook here.

WSIS Gender Caucus announces launch of research programme November 25 2003

The WSIS Gender Caucus announced a global research programme on gender and Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) in the first quarter of 2004 with support from the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs; NORAD; SIDA, UNIFEM and the Royal Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. PDF

2003 WSIS Gender Caucus